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Edward Adrian-Vallance
Edward Adrian-Vallance was born in Oxfordshire on 08.09.1983. He received a 2.1 in Spanish and French from the University of Exeter. He has since spent his time travelling the remotest and wildest corners of the planet. He has a particular interest in tribal and nomadic people, who he has visited in the Middle East, the Amazon, New Guinea, Indonesia, every Arctic region of Russia, Morocco, Panama, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Vanuatu, Micronesia, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

For the last nine years he has been living and working in Russia, and he speaks fluent Russian. In 2011 he started working as a guide, taking people to the visit his Nenets friends on the Yamal Peninsula in Arctic Siberia. In 2012 he set up his company, Argish LLC, which specialised in tours to the Yamal Peninsula. While at first Edward was Argish’s only employee as well as its managing director, the company has since expanded somewhat and now has three employees. They run tours and organise film shoots all over Russia these days, although still around 50% of the trips are to Yamal.

While Edward is based in Moscow, he spends three to six months each year in the Siberian North and is considered a local in many areas. He has contacts on every level of society, from nomads to town dwellers, from all-terrain vehicle drivers to government workers. He has a high level of social capital, which is essential for efficient and successful trip organisation in these logistically challenging areas.

He has personally guided more than 50 trips to the Arctic. Among his past clients are dozens of photographers and journalists, several academics and scientific teams, dozens of international tour agencies and film crews from Australian Channel 7, Finnish Channel 4, Keo Films, as well as several independent film makers. His articles on Siberia have been published in the Geographical Magazine, The Calvert Journal, Travel Addict and Globe Spots travel site.

Dmitriy Eskin

Dmitriy Eskin was born and raised in Moscow and spent most of his life trying to get away from it as often as possible to explore the wildest and remotest parts of his homeland. He has always been an active outdoorsman, and from a young age has had a passion for all sorts of adventure travel, including skiing, climbing, mountaineering and trekking. He has travelled all over Asia and Russia, including to many remote and hard to access areas.

He has learned English and Chinese language since childhood, and has spent several years in China teaching English. He uses his time off from Argish LLC to organise and guide trekking expeditions for Russians in the Tibetan areas of western China.

Dmitriy has been working for Argish LLC since August 2013 and has guided around fifteen trips to the Yamal Peninsula. He has had great success at successfully building a close working and personal relationship with the nomadic families there, while helping his guests to achieve their goals at the same time.

Zelphira Makhmutova

Zelphira Makhmutova’s parents moved from Yar Sale (a small village on the Yamal Peninsula) to Omsk (a big city in southern Siberia), before she was born. However, after completing her studies at Omsk University, much to her mother’s dismay Zelphira decided to move back to Yar Sale to teach English!

She spent several years in Yar Sale before moving to Salekhard to work as an interpreter. She gained experience in tourism when working for two startup Salekhard tour operators, neither of which eventually took off. In 2013 she began working permanently for Argish LLC, and has been truly invaluable to us ever since. She has done many trips to nomad camps at different times of year and in different parts of Yamal, always receiving excellent feedback from clients. She has a remarkable ability to strike up a friendship both with her guests and with the nomads they are staying with, helping these two extremely different cultures understand one another and have fun together while at the same time achieving all the clients’ trip goals.

As well as guiding trips she does a large amount of administrative and organisational work, and is truly invaluable to the company as someone permanently on the ground in Yamal.

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