Seyakha tour (most isolated Nenets)

10 days
From $3453
November - May

Tour Overview

This trip takes you by helicopter to Seyakha, the northernmost village on the Yamal Peninsula, and from there to an encampment of Yamal’s most isolated and traditional nomadic reindeer herders. This area is inaccessible either by road or boat and is 600km further north even than Yar-Sale. Traditional clothing, epic legend songs, spiritual beliefs and the fierce nomadic spirit have been better preserved here than anywhere else. Almost all men wear the gus reindeer-fur coat all the time and almost all women wear traditional Nenets hats all the time. While Nenets further south do wear these, it is usually only in extreme cold weather. Yar-Sale and Salekhard Nenets wear the traditional malitsa and yagushka fur coats every day, but not the gus or the women's hats. As interesting as all this sounds, guests should be aware that the Seyakha nomads generally have much smaller herds than the Yar-Sale nomads and migrate much less often. While Yar-Sale Nenets migrate up to 2000km a year, Seyakha Nenets generally only migrate 100km a year. However, with enough warning there is a good chance we can find a Seyakha camp that will be willing to time one of their migrations to coincide with your visit.


  • Living in a traditional chum (reindeer-fur teepee) with a family of Nenets reindeer herders for five nights
  • Getting involved in the daily life of the encampment, including nomadic migrations
  • Observing a herd of several hundred reindeer
  • Trying traditional Nenets cuisine of reindeer meat and Arctic fish such as chir and muksun.
  • Having the best chances to see the Northern Lights of anywhere on the Yamal Peninsula
  • Learning about Nenets culture and religion
  • Observing the full range of traditional Nenets clothing including gus jackets and women’s hats
  • Enjoying the utterly edge-of-the-world feel of the barren northern Yamal Peninsula tundra
  • Flying 600km by helicopter over the Yamal Peninsula and touching down in remote villages on the way


Day 1: Arrival in Salekhard

Meet at Salekhard airport and transfer to hotel. City tour to the excellent museum, 16th-century wooden fortress, market square where nomads sell meat and fish. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2: By helicopter to Seyakha and by snowmobile to Nenets camp

At 9am we fly three hours by helicopter from Salekhard to Seyakha, population 2600, via Yar-Sale and Mys Kamenniy villages. Upon arrival we have something to eat, drink some hot tea, get into our warmest clothes and travel by snowmobile to a nomad camp. These are the northernmost, most isolated and most traditional Nenets on the Yamal Peninsula. Very few foreigners have ever been here and very few locals have ever seen a foreigner. Overnight with a family of Nenets nomads in their chum (reindeer-fur teepee).

Days 3 - 6: Immersion in the daily life of the Nenets

Live with the nomads, eating and sleeping in their chums (reindeer-fur teepees). There will be no fixed itinerary for these days. Guests will merely observe and take part in the daily lives of the nomads and immerse themselves in this ancient culture. Daily life could include herding reindeer, lassoing reindeer with reindeer rawhide lassoes, strangling reindeer with ropes then eating the raw meat and drinking the blood (the Nenets’ favourite meal), migrating to a new campsite, collecting ice or snow for water, ice fishing with spears, making new sledges, sewing fur clothing, and so on.

Day 7: Return to Seyakha

Return to Seyakha by snowmobile and overnight in a local home. 

Day 8: Spare day in Seyakha

Today is a contingency day in Seyakha in case blizzards delay our return from the nomad camp. This day is to prevent us from missing our flights home. However, if the nomad camp is not too far from Seyakha village and if the weather seems to be very good, your guide may take the decision to spend an extra day at the nomad camp instead, if you would prefer. Overnight in a local home.

Day 9: By helicopter to Salekhard

Fly to Salekhard. Overnight in hotel.

Day 10: End of tour

Service ends here. However, please be aware that helicopters from Seyakha to Salekhard are often delayed. Sometimes these delays can last a few days if the weather is particularly severe. Due to the likelihood of flights from Seyakha being delayed, it is recommended that you either book a few nights in a Salekhard hotel or a flexible air fare back from Salekhard to your home country. We can help you with either of these if you let us know in advance.


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Price includes:


  • One night’s accommodation in Salekhard at the beginning of the trip and one at the end.
  • Helicopter from Salekhard – Seyakha – Salekhard 
  • Transfer in sledge attached to the back of a snowmobile from Seyakha to the nomad camp and back 
  • Nenets’ fees for hosting you 
  • All food while with the Nenets
  • All transfers in Salekhard at the beginning of the trip 
  • Letter of invitation for Russian visa
  • Border zone entry permit for Seyakha
  • English- and Russian-speaking guide with knowledge of Nenets culture and religion on the level of an anthropologist
  • Satellite phone for emergency use 


Price does not include:


  • Flights Moscow – Salekhard – Moscow. These can be added at extra cost if required. 
  • Personal travel insurance or medical insurance
  • Clothing or equipment. You will need a sleeping bag, western boots, very warm western clothing and so on. Boots, trousers and jacket rated down to -45°C can be rented for $105 per person. Sleeping bags rated down to -60°C can be rented for $185 per person. Prices include delivery to you in Salekhard at the beginning of the trip and collection from your hotel at the end.
  • Extra expenses such as accommodation, food, transport caused by delayed flights, extreme weather conditions or other force major situations. 
  • Satellite phone for personal or work-related calls. You can purchase minutes for $2 per minute.
  • Personal expenses 
  • Services in Moscow 
  • Services or accommodation in Salekhard on day 10 or later

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